Commercial GYM Setup

The concept of purposefully designed commercial gym for fitness and exercise is widespread in India. Modern day response to sedentary lifestyle and time pressure that our technological age has created, such gym facilitates enjoy strong market that seems to be constantly developing and diversifying.

Prior to designing a health and fitness facility, the proposed site location and development should be assessed in term of catchment area, potential market and target gym users. You must decide what facilities you want in cooperate in your gym prior to opening gym.

Selecting Facilities, you want to provide in your gym

  • Cardio Training (include equipment like Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Upright Bike etc)
  • Circuit Training or resistance training (includes isolation equipment like Leg Extension, Shoulder Press etc.)
  • Free Weight Area
  • Group Cross Training
    Stretch and conditioning area
  • Studio (For Aerobics, Dance, Spinning Yoga & Pilates, Kickboxing etc.)

Choosing Gym Equipment

Determine how much space you have
When starting gym remember significant area will be taken by non-equipment area like reception, bathrooms, utility room, and other extra features. Fitness-only gym allocate 70% Space to Strength and Cardio Equipment, 20% to Studios, 10% to other amenities but it may vary widely depending upon what facilities you want to offer your customer.

Choosing your equipment mix
Once you know much area you are allocating to which section, you now need to consider what kind of equipment you are looking for. Strength and cardio equipment make up for 80% of your equipment and 20% are group exercise.

In Strength you may choose Single station or isolation machine for training each body part individually or dual stations or multi station for resistance training if you have limited gym area. There are numerous numbers of plate loaded equipment (also used for isolation), benches and racks, various cross fit training equipment which you may choose. Feel free to contact our expert to guide you step by step in selecting.

Layout Planning

An inviting facility is the first step towards successful fitness facilities. It also maximizes your space and provides best utilization of space. Whether you are adding new equipments, replacing your old machinery or setting up new facility, we would provide you complete support during the entire setting operation along with 2D and 3D layout of gym area to be covered.

Things to consider while preparing you interior

  • There lot of things to keep in mind when creating successful gym design.
  • Training style determines what type of interior is needed.
  • If you are installing huge power rigs, make sure you have enough ceiling height above it.
  • If you are adding free weight make sure floor can take punishment of dumbbell thrown at it on daily basis.
  • Always keep these questions in mind during gym design process, it will save you a lot of hassle in future.

Keep your design customer focused. Always remember it’s not just gym you would like to train in but also comfortable for other gym users. Consider training as beginner, office going people, old age people, athlete etc. Though we are sure you will love it, key is that your customers love it too.
Collaboration is the key. Always clarify your objective before fine tuning the details. Communicate your objective with company or person you choose to start work with.

Should you need to any help or suggestion? Feel free to contact us.

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