14 Mar

Today selecting gym equipment to meet your requirement has become frantic due to endless choices of equipment and quality available in market. Commercial gym equipment is generally classified into Strength Section and Cardio Section.

A Commercial Gym Setup

Let’s look at strength section first.

Strength section is divided in 3 segment i.e. Isolation machine, benches & body weight training equipment

Isolation Equipment or Stations: The purpose of these equipment is to provide workout specific muscle or muscle group. For example, Shoulder Press is used to workout deltoid or shoulder muscle with help from triceps muscle. So here major muscle which this machine will work is shoulder with triceps as supporting muscle.

These machines are further divided in to Four major categories: Single Station, Dual Station, Multi Station and Plate Loaded Equipment.

Single Station or Pin Loaded Equipment: As the name suggests these machines are used to train single muscle group. If your budget and area of gym allows you should opt for these machines as they provide better eccentric exercise and reduces wait time for gym members. As one machines works out only one muscle group you would need more area in your gym to accommodate more equipment.

Chest Press Single Station

Dual Station: These gym equipment provide exercise for two muscle groups in single equipment. For e.g. Pulldown-Rowing, Leg Extension-Curl etc. These equipment are use full if you are trying to optimize your budget or have space restrictions. Down side of these equipment is that your members will have to wait. Hence, they will be spending more time in gym and cause crowdedness is gym.  

Pec Dec workout Pectoral and shoulder muscle so it is good and most common example of dual station

Commercial Multi Gym: Mostly people think multigym is used for home use but its not true. There are plenty of commercial multigym available in market. They are more cost effective than above two and help you save space in gym. This is good option if you are opening gym for cooperate office, hotel or any place where number of people using gym is less.

5 Stack Commercial Multi Gym – It has Cable Cross, Pulldown, Rowing and bicep-tricep

Plate Loaded Gym Equipment: Plate loaded equipment biomechanics is similar to single station machine providing exercise to single muscle group. They are also available in dual plate loaded I.e. providing workout for two muscle groups but biomechanics can’t be iso-lateral. Upside of plate loaded equipment is that you can lift heavy weight with complete isolation of muscles and down side being removing or adding plate manually increases workout time say one member is lifting 100Kg and one after him is lifting 25Kg so, he would need to remove 75 kg plates before starting.

Decline Plate Loaded Bench Press
Leg Press is common example of plate loaded equipment seen is almost every gym facility

Benches: Benches come in all shape and sizes from Olympic Flat Bench, Olympic Incline bench, to smaller adjustable bench or exercise stools. It is not possible to cover all benches in this segement but feel free to get in touch with our gym setup expert to help you out.

Olympic Flat Bench Press
Hyper Extension is another common example of bench

Body weight training equipment: As the name suggest these equipment use person own weight for training and when he has graduated to a level further weight is added to training. These equipment use various kind mechanical structure to use person body weight of training. If you wish these may be manufactured according to area of your gym or may be purchased as rigs or complete set together but rigs takes lot more space then one manufactured according to your gym facility need. Below is are some examples of it.

Wall Mounted Cross Fit Equipment
Floor Mounted Cross Fit

Cardio: Cardio equipment used in any gym facility will vary from gym to gym depending on facilities you wish to offer in your gym.

A large size gym may need more cardio equipment to provide quicker warm up option as foot fall of gym will be more. Large size gym may offer spinning bike sessions to accommodate more number of member. Whereas medium size gym can choose to keep lesser number of cardio equipment. Generally, for any gym facility percentage of strength to cardio equipment is kept 70%-30% respectively.

Commercial Treadmill

Although use time of cardio for any individual is less as compared to strength but these are most used equipment in gym are cardio equipment as first thing gym member does when he or she enter gym is warm up and this equipment should be built to be highly durable.

That why for example treadmill is hardcore gym use AC motor with long running hours. Another thing you should ask gym equipment supplier is what kind of drive they use to run motor as drive is heart of machine.

Curved Deck Treadmill

Below we are most commonly used cardio equipment:

  1. Treadmill
  2. Spin Bike
  3. Cross Trainer
  4. Upright Bike
  5. Recumbent Bike
  6. Ladder Mill
  7. Climber
  8. Rower
  9. Air Bike
  10. Skierg

In most cases you do not need to have all these equipment in your gym facility many gym only offer strength training and only need these for warm ups but if you wish to provide cardio training as well then feel free to contact our gym setup expert to guide you through equipment selection process.

Hope this is useful for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.